Quickstart Guide

This brief guide should help you start using Boa Constrictor quickly. Please read What is Screenplay? to learn more about the Screenplay Pattern itself, and please complete the tutorial to learn Boa Constrictor’s code in depth. You can also watch videos and read user guides about Boa Constrictor.


Boa Constrictor is a .NET library written in C#. To start using it:

  1. Install the Boa.Constrictor package from NuGet.org into your .NET project.
  2. Install appropriate WebDriver executables on your system PATH.
    • For example, install ChromeDriver to run tests using Google Chrome.
    • Follow the instructions on the Driver Requirements page to set them up.
    • If your code raises a DriverServiceNotFoundException, then double-check your WebDriver installation.

Example Code

Here’s how to automate a DuckDuckGo search in Chrome using Boa Constrictor.

Write Screenplay calls:

using Boa.Constrictor.Logging;
using Boa.Constrictor.Screenplay;
using Boa.Constrictor.WebDriver;
using OpenQA.Selenium.Chrome;

// Set up the Screenplay actor
IActor actor = new Actor(logger: new ConsoleLogger());

// Inject the Selenium WebDriver instance
actor.Can(BrowseTheWeb.With(new ChromeDriver()));

// Load a page

// Get the page's title
string title = actor.AsksFor(Title.OfPage());

// Search for something

// Wait for results
actor.WaitsUntil(Appearance.Of(ResultPage.ResultLinks), IsEqualTo.True());

With locator classes:

using Boa.Constrictor.WebDriver;
using OpenQA.Selenium;
using static Boa.Constrictor.WebDriver.WebLocator;

public static class SearchPage
  public const string Url = "https://www.duckduckgo.com/";

  public static IWebLocator SearchInput => L(
    "DuckDuckGo Search Input", 

  public static IWebLocator SearchButton => L(
    "DuckDuckGo Search Button",

public static class ResultPage
  public static IWebLocator ResultLinks => L(
    "DuckDuckGo Result Page Links",

And a custom SearchDuckDuckGo task:

using Boa.Constrictor.Screenplay;
using Boa.Constrictor.WebDriver;

public class SearchDuckDuckGo : ITask
  public string Phrase { get; }

  private SearchDuckDuckGo(string phrase) =>
    Phrase = phrase;

  public static SearchDuckDuckGo For(string phrase) =>
    new SearchDuckDuckGo(phrase);

  public void PerformAs(IActor actor)
    actor.AttemptsTo(SendKeys.To(SearchPage.SearchInput, Phrase));