Boa Constrictor

Boa Constrictor is a C# implementation of the Screenplay Pattern. Its primary use case is Web UI and REST API test automation. Boa Constrictor helps you make better interactions for better automation!

Interactions are units of behavior. Every test case is essentially a sequence of interactions. When test cases are written, interactions are described in plain language, like, “Log into the app as an admin.” Most of those high-level interactions are composed of smaller interactions, like clicks, scrapes, and waits.

Boa Constrictor can automate interactions at any level in a readable way. Out of the box, it includes Web UI interactions using Selenium WebDriver and REST API interactions using RestSharp. It also provides a standard pattern for combining interactions together. Each interaction is safe, reliable, and has automatic logging. For Web UI automation, the Screenplay Pattern is an improvement over the Page Object Pattern. Any .NET project can use Boa Constrictor by installing the Boa.Constrictor NuGet package.

This 32-minute YouTube video introduces Screenplay Pattern concepts and Boa Constrictor code: