User Guides and Videos

Check out the user guides linked from the sidebar to the left or the videos linked below to learn more about Boa Constrictor and the Screenplay Pattern.

User Guides

The best way to start learning about Boa Constrictor and the Screenplay Pattern is by watching the videos linked below or taking the tutorial. Those resources, however, do not cover everything you can do with Boa Constrictor.

The User Guides provide additional documentation on Boa Constrictor’s many facets. The sidebar to the left provides links to user guides for various topics, such as integrating Boa Constrictor with popular .NET test frameworks. Each user guide is written to concisely cover one concern. The collection of user guides together should provide comprehensive documentation in a way that can easily scale as the project grows.

Introduction to Boa Constrictor

This 32-minute video introduces Boa Constrictor as the .NET Screenplay Pattern. It walks through limitations with other patterns, the Screenplay Pattern’s design, and how to make Screenplay calls with Boa Constrictor. It’s a great video to watch if you are new to Boa Constrictor.

Converting a SpecFlow Project

Boa Constrictor’s Screenplay calls can easily replace raw WebDriver calls, page objects, and other patterns in existing test automation projects. In this 2-hour livestream, Andreas Willich and Pandy Knight converted a SpecFlow project to use Boa Constrictor:

Applitools Webinar

Applitools invited Pandy Knight to give a webinar about the Screenplay Pattern and Boa Constrictor. This webinar includes more up-to-date content than the intro video above, as well as a brief walkthrough of REST API interactions and Q&A time. Register to watch the video recording for free on the Applitools webinar page.