Writing Actor Extension Methods

Sometimes, a Question can become quite complex and cumbersome to parse. When this happens, it may be helpful to write an extension method to create more a more readable, fluent call. For example, consider the following Question:

    .Until(Appearance.Of(SearchPage.SearchInput), IsEqualTo.True())

In this scenario, you could use the built-in WaitsUntil extension method:

public static class WaitingExtensions
    public static TAnswer WaitsUntil<TAnswer>(
        this IActor actor,
        IQuestion<TAnswer> question,
        ICondition<TAnswer> condition,
        int? timeout = null,
        int additional = 0) =>

        actor.AsksFor(ValueAfterWaiting.Until(question, condition).ForUpTo(timeout).ForAnAdditional(additional));

With this extension method, we can simplify the previous call:

actor.WaitsUntil(Appearance.Of(SearchPage.SearchInput), IsEqualTo.True(), 30, 30);


Actor extension methods are a useful way to simplify complex calls and make them more readable. An important caveat: in order to avoid oversaturating IActor with methods and making the code difficult to follow, it is recommended to use extension methods only when they would have a large benefit in terms of readability.